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Tips For Choosing the Best Fishing Charter

Choosing the best fishing charter might seem like a daunting task but with these ten tips you’ll be able to find the perfect one for you. There are many companies that offer their services and might be perfect for your needs. These tips will also help when you’re just getting into charter fishing as well as when you want to gather information on a company before contacting them. Find a fishing guide that is responsible for the safety of all onboard. Do they have life jackets for everyone? Do they have a first aid kit on board? Does the captain keep his boat in tip top shape and make sure it’s always safe to go?

Ideally, make sure that your captain knows his way around the waters he is fishing in. Ask questions on how long he has been fishing this area, if there are any hazards you should be aware of and how often he will be changing locations during your trip. Also, it is important to ask about the type of fish you will be catching and where you will be catching them. Many captains can catch everything in their boat but if your captain is unsure, he should tell you that so he can focus on providing a superior experience for his clients. Failing to disclose this information could lead to disappointment later in the trip.

Besides, check out pictures of your captain on the company website and make sure he looks professional and has a decent sized boat with lots of features like a full bar, dining area, plenty of seating space, among others. Again, does your fishing charter offer you a photo and video package? A lot of photographers might charge you more for the boat rental but if you’re not interested in photos and video make sure that the captain has packages available for people like yourself.

Make sure your captain has a good reputation before booking a trip with him. You can talk to people who have been on trips with him or check out reviews online or ask your friends if they have heard of this company. The internet is a valuable resource when trying to get information on companies so make sure that you do some research before booking anything with them. Also, ask if they are offering a discount to local fishermen or any other discounts that they offer. You can make a few phone calls and find out how much everything costs then contact them with the information and see if they will accept your booking at their discounted price.

Again, does your captain have a website? Some fishing charter companies have websites where you can read about their company, find out more about their boats and be able to see pictures of the captains own boats so you can get a better idea of what you’re getting yourself into. Another option for booking a trip is to go through a travel agency. A travel agency will offer the company you are looking for at the price that they have arranged with the chartering companies.

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